Thursday, 22 May 2014

Swapping Pink for Peach

A bit of an unusual premise for a blog post, but hear me out. Up until recently in my quest to own more and more makeup, I don't even think I owned a single peach item. Having light blonde hair and bright blue eyes, I'm naturally more drawn to the pink shades that compliment my colouring best. Benefit Dandelion on my cheeks and MAC Creme Cup or Hue on my lips. That was my every day make up look down and very rarely strayed from. However, as soon as I bought my first peach blush shade Benefit Sugarbomb, I was immediately hooked (it is the UK's best selling blush after all) and straight away started switching up my routine for the spring/summer months. AND, to my surprise, it actually suited me.

I like to play it safe and stick to what I know instead of just going crazy when trying new things and use either Sugarbomb or Coralista from Benefit as they're just a subtle hint of peach rather than a bright orange glow across my cheek. My main gripe with peachy colours is that no matter how nice they were, lipsticks always managed to make my reasonably white teeth look like I'd just smoked 100 packets of cigarettes. I think I may have found my resolution to this though. Again, sticking to what I know in terms of a nude lipstick, I like to pair my peachy cheeks with MAC Pure Zen lipstick as it gives me enough of a peach look to my lips but is never too overpowering as it's still on the nude side. Some other peach lip options I've been enjoying are Bourjois Colour Boost in Peach on the Beach, NYX Xtreme Lip Cream in Nude Peach Fuzz, Maybelline Baby Lips in Peach Kiss and Tanya Burr Lipgloss in Just Peachy. While I generally prefer high-end makeup (ooh, get me), I'm yet to invest in anything peach as I'm too scared to spend the money and not really get the use from it.

I don't think I'll ever really give up my love for pink makeup, but I'm currently really enjoying being a little floozie and having my little fling with all things peach. It's a refreshing change to walk into a shop and not be immediately drawn to the same old colours all the time and to be able to buy and experiment with different things. My makeup drawers are looking a little more diverse these days!

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  1. I love peach makeup. How about a pic of your pink and peach looks please??