Thursday, 15 October 2015

Best In Beauty: Kiko Shadow Sticks

Since my boyfriend picked me up one of these shadow sticks from Kiko (I know, he's a good egg) I've been addicted. 06 (right) is the most 'me' colour in the collection, a golden bronze. I also own shade 05 (left), which is a purple taupe; I think I've seen some bloggers compare it to Misty Rock Ombre Black Star by By Terry. Then I have shade 38 which isn't so shimmery as my other two. It's more of a matte medium brown with small flecks of gold glitter running through.

Their staying power is what really makes these shadows stand out for me. Having hooded eyelids like a 60 year old, I really struggle to find creams that don't crease or transfer. These ones stay completely put once set (seriously, they last all day), but are so creamy to apply and blend. Plus, if you're a lazy gal like me, an eyeshadow that you can apply in seconds which will take you from a 2 to a solid 6 is always a winner.

The only downside to these is the lack of neutral colours in the range; I'm not one for an electric blue eyeshadow look. Kiko, if you're reading - more browns and golds please!

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

The Life-Changing Lush Cleanser

Back last November I posted about Lush Ultrabland Facial Cleanser and said how I was taking it upon myself to use nothing but that on my face, morning and night for a month (I also said I'd report back after the month. Apologies for the late update!). Being a beauty junkie with a desire to switch between products constantly, I found this quite the task and wasn't sure just how long I'd last. Let me tell you, it was a long old month. My skin went through several rough stages during the process, as you would expect (I'd drastically condensed my routine from a plethora of products to just a single cleanser - so my skin was more than likely shocked). However, after just a month, my skin, which began with acne on my cheeks, forehead and chin, was completely clear. Not a single spot. Before trying this, I hadn't had a morning since about the age of 12 where I didn't wake up with a new little friend on my face. I was completely stunned. I also expected my skin to be in a bad way, with the lack of moisturiser, exfoliation and what have you, but it had never felt in better condition.

Once the month was up, I gradually began introducing some key products back into my routine, noting down what I felt my skin really needed, as opposed to just using products I was using out of habit. I now have a fairly simple routine of Ultrabland, Vichy Aqualia Thermal Light Moisturiser and a face mask once or twice a week. I like to use one from Lush or Origins which targets my main skin concern at the time. It's also worth noting that I do still get the odd spot (thanks hormones), Ultrabland really helps to keep them under control and stop them from coming to a head.

I honestly can't recommend this cleanser enough, and I definitely do recommend it to all my IRL friends. I took a chance on this product as a last resort on my quest for good skin and I haven't looked back since - 6 tubs later. If all this isn't enough persuasion for you, the fact that it's made by such a great company with equally as great ethics, and that it also doesn't contain any major nasties makes it a holy grail skincare staple.